Monday, October 3, 2011

Rias Chanteq Bridal Gallery - Should Buck up to survive.

1st October 2011 was the BIG event I organized since before Ramadhan. I orhanized almost everything including caterer selection, hall, decorations of the hall as well as hantaran and other tiny stuff except for the appointment of a so called 'Wedding Planner'.

I think as a sister to their customer, I have the right to at least give a sincere opinion to the team from Rias Chanteq Bridal Gallery on their job performance during the wedding especially on the 2 most critical days 30th September and 1st October 2011.

Before I elaborate further, I must say that their 'Pelamin' was impressive. Looks really romantic and sweet and it suits the color selection tht we have decided - Pink + Blue.

I am however, unhappy for the fact that the Bride (my sister in law) had to buy her own pair of shoes to suit the blue songket which was supposedly a new sewn pair of attire as per the package they have paid for. "New sewn attire comes with a standard size 6 shoes' is really not a good idea for an excuse. My brother (groom) had to buy his own shirt and tie to match with the white suit they are preparing and it was not CLEAN white.. there were smudged here and there! I have my good reasons to be cross and I shall give you my reasons for that later.

On 30th September 2011, we were at the hall cleaning, preparing and doing what's necessary. After the team finished putting up the 'pelamin' we were told that there will be someone coming tomorrow morning at 10am to decorate the main dining table for bride and groom and putting up the arch which both were also included in the package. Later in the afternoon, after calling the team we were told that WE will have to prepare the 'ingredients' for 'tepung tawar' ceremony ourselves.. I was like WHAT??!

1st October 2011 - The Big day.. this was what happened..

1. The team who came to the hall supposedly to decorate the main table only put 2 'bird cage' on the dining table and left with nothing else done to decorate the table. We did most of it.. I was puzzled!

2. The team who were up to makeup the bride did not bring enough hair pins for the hairdo

3. The hand bouquet for the Bride looks horrible! I have never came across hand bouquet with 'chrysanthemum'! So not my taste! and to make the matter worse, red roses paired with blue chrysanthemum + PURPLE tiny flower.. wonder where they get those hand bouquet??

4. The arch was not put up. We requested it 3 times. 1st time, I called, my brother told them and and ask us to PUT IT UP OURSELVES! Who are the clients here??! We reach home to change, again, asked them to put up the arch, they kept quiet. 3rd time being the last time, the bride asked them to do it they just easily said, not to worry its easy anyone can do it.. I think they are missing out the point here.. how easy it was it was suppose to be THEIR JOB!

5. Remember I said one of the team member of the so called 'Wedding Planner' came to the hall later to just leave 2 bird cage. She did not even check if there was any ingredient in the container for the 'Tepung Tawar' ceremony.. we only realize it when the family members went up to the stage for the ceremony. Lucky enough, we put some spare 'bunga rampai' the day before if not all of the container would have been EMPTY and our family would have been wondering what to do!

I am not saying this to make them look bad but I think as a client, We have the right. As a so called wedding planner, YOU should Buck-up Man! Big time! coz u know what.. U are not talking to a person who have not been married.. These are my points!

My Wedding Planner was a MALE and he work ALONE but my wedding was tip top.
It was 10 years ago, I paid 3k but u know what I get?

1. 6 pairs of numerous kind of traditional attire


3. A wedding gown and a matching suit for my husband (no need to even buy his own shirt nor tie!)

4. Fully FRESH FLOWER Pelamin with a hand bouquet white ROSES nicely done.

I think if the price were to go up they can still get goos service and the same fresh flowers pelamin why not? The bride n groom paid RM4300.00 for this package

1. Artificial flowers Pelamin

2. Songket (Store bought coz it was not their size) with NO shoes

3. A pair of Pink n White lace attire. was told this was tailor made.

4. A wedding gown with matching suit BUT need to buy the shirt n tie

5.Decoration for main dining table consist of 2 bird cage and later I saw some white artificial roses on some pink satin fabric.

6. An arch they never bothered to put up at all!

Ya, I think that about it.

To make the matter worse, the service was not up to our expectation and it certainly not worth the price we paid for.

My Male wedding planner, not only did my makeup, upon finishing that went to the pelamin to check all the containers, went up to my mother's place, 4th floor on a walk-up apartment, to prepare the ingredients i.e some rice with turmeric powder and water mix with talcum to substitute rose water.

I wonder how this wedding planner of my brother, who worked in a team of at least 2 person or more at one time could not even ensure that all are in order?!

At the end of the event, one of our guests broke thier spotlight and I was told by my brother that the wedding planner is charging them RM15.00 for the broken spotlight.

Dear Rias Chanteq Bridal Gallery, do you know that if we were to FACTOR IN the price we paid for the pair of shoes which was supposed to be provided by you + the Shirt and the Tie for the white suit, It is only JUST that we BREAK ALL OF YOUR SPOTLIGHT..

My sincere 2 cents worth, If you guys plan to be in this biz long enough and to prosper, You should BUCK UP BIG TIME!

And if you asked me am I gonna recommend them to my friends, the sincere answer is 'NO'

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